Advanced Hypnosis Courses

Life Regression - (40 academic hours)

Personal Interview required. Minimum of 1 years of practice.

This unique course is open to all hypnotists, counselors, therapists, alternative healers, massage therapists, educators and others who are experienced in working with people in a healing capacity. Past Life Regression therapy has been effective in treating such problems as chronic fears and phobias, detrimental habits and cravings, suppressed hostility and guilt, depression, the fear of death, sexual dysfunctions. It is also used for understanding relationship problems. This course is highly experiential. All students are expected to give and receive past-life sessions as a part of learning process.

Students will learn:

  • A variety of techniques for inducing past lives
  • Choices of “road maps” to follow during the session
  • Ways to interview your client both pre- and post-session
  • How to chart and understand patterns of behavior
  • Various theories about reincarnation and karma
  • When not to conduct a past-life session
  • How to overcome blocks and fears
  • How to ask no leading questions and obtain fruitful information
  • Working with guides and a person’s definition of the divine
  • Past-life review
  • Powerful techniques for using past-life therapy for deep healing
  • Ethics of conducting past-life regression
  • How to facilitate a life progression
  • Exploring the past-life roots of present-day relationships
  • The possible past-life source of your own patterns

Past Life Regression

Personal Interview required. Minimum of 2 years of practice.

Students will learn:

  • How to help clients access all of the creative, leadership and social skills they have developed over dozens of lifetimes, and to use these abilities every day in home, office and social environments.
  • How to apply PLR to such issues as animal fears, fear of stepping into ones power as a leader or healer, fear of commitment in relationships, fear of childbirth, fear of heights, and many others.
  • How to use PLR to help heal relationship co-dependency, and many other relationship issues.
  • Unique and powerful induction techniques.
  • How to get details of past life experiences even for clients who have difficulty seeing or remembering anything.
  • Discover and integrate past life abilities into the present life.
  • How to help clients discover and heal the underlying causes of their present patterns of suffering and pain.
  • How to use emotional release methods to maximize results in a past life memory

Expert Hypnosis Training - Custom programs

Personal Interview required.


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