Teachers & Instructors

Lama Jam Yang

Head of DGTL and Gaden Kachoe Shing Monasteries

At the age of 15 Lama Jamyang joined Buddhist monastery in Northern India (Sub hills of Himalaya Mountain). He had been Buddhist monk for about thirty years and studied under number of well respected Buddhist teachers.

Lama Jam had received many Buddhist Sutras and tantric teachings and transmissions. After finishing his studies, because of his knowledge of Sutras, talent for language arts and excellent communication skills, in 1997 he was chosen to travel to America to help to start DGTL monastery in Bloomington,Indiana.

Since then he lived in DGTL monastery and is a part of distinguished team promoting Buddhist philosophy, founding monasteries and serving as a bridge between traveling monks and American public. Lama Jam teaches Buddhist classes, gives lectures and seminars and leads meditation groups.

Oleg Cherednyk

Head of Zhi Ya Li Training and Services

  • Accomplished practitioner of Medical Qigong, expert level in Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Master Science in Oriental Medicine
  • Bachelor in Chinese Nutrition and Acupuncture
  • Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotist Trainer and Instructor
  • Detoxification expert

Oleg spent many years learning the true traditional alternative medicine from private practitioners in Siberia, Mongolia and North China.

The medical teachings he obtained trace back many centuries, and are based on pre-Mao era of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Access to such knowledge is very rare and valuable.

As a life long student and advanced practitioner Oleg has received initiations in a very special Tibetan Acupuncture methods of practice, which just recently came out to the public eye from smaller secluded Tibetan and Mongolian monasteries.Oleg maintains spiritual and personal relationship with many world renowned healers from Mongolia, Ukraine, American Indian Shamans, and the Hawaiian Kahuna.Oleg practiced in medical offices and hospitals of Ukraine, Mongolia, Germany and the United States. Due to his unique blend of knowldge from ancient traditions while

Oleg holds formal degrees and certifications from accredited in US schools, his knowledge goes way beyond of what “formal” alternative medicine education or certification can offer.

Published Author Oleg holds various degrees and certification from US accredited institutions:

  • MSOM with B.S. in TCM Nutrition from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (2009)
  • NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist
  • NGH Certified Instructor (2005) and HypnoCoach (2007)

Oleg also has formal education from Ukraine:

  • Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Alternative Medicine
  • Advanced practitioner of Alternative Medicine
  • Expert in Manual Therapy and Massage Therapy
  • Holds M.S. in Biology and Chemistry from State Pedagogical Institute, Ukraine

After graduation he taught Manual Therapy courses, practiced Phycho-hypnotherapy healing. He also received Certificate of Ordination from Lively Stones Fellowship, Inc.

Lana Borkhovik

President of Zhi Ya Li Center, Director of Training and Services

  • Accomplished practitioner of Medical Qigong, Meditation Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Master Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Bachelor in Chinese Nutrition, Acpuncture
  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor
  • Instructor of Qigong

Lana is a well rounded professional of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Hypnotherapy, the three components of a results oriented healing process that delivers real help for Lana’s patients.

As part of Zhi Ya Li School and under the tutelage of Oleg Cherednyk Lana continues the long lineage of healers skilled in the real Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities and methods, of pre-Mao era.

With over 10 year of experience Lana possesses one of the most sought after and a rare skillset of blending ancient Tibetan and Northern Chinese healing modalities of Oriental Medical Qigong and Acupuncture with achievements of Western modalities like Hypnotherapy.

Being an expert in several foundational modalities like Acupuncture for which she holds a license in the State of Illinois Lana has the ability to not only execute the treatments but also to devise the most efficient and comprehensive path to healing for her patients.

Following the mission of commitment to the healing success of her patients, Lana holds professional certification in Hypnotherapy and Qigong which allows her to cover many more healing aspects of body and mind. Lana’s patients appreciate not only the holistic and comprehensive practical knowledge in the areas of Herbology, Nutrition and Medical Qigong but also the way Lana delivers the expertise she has to the clients.

Lana is a:

  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor
  • Instructor of Qigong

Lana is on the path to become one of the few Certified NADA protocol Instructors in Illinois.

She continues her life long commitment to the field by finishing her M.S. degree in Oriental Medicine from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.In Lana’s practice the East meets the West for the most professional and in-depth advise and help you can get in the alternative medicine field.

Anastasia Ovoshchnikova

Pilates Instructor

Anastasia discovered effective body movement since she was 5 years old. She took rhythmic gymnastic and classical Ballet by Vaganova Method in Kazakhstan, where she was born and growing up. As a gymnast she was participating in different competition regional and international. She was an honored student in Ballet School and were enjoying her training. And really passionate by the Ballet.

In 1994 she was introduced to Qi-gong traditional gymnastics. And truly loved it. At age of 14 Anastasia moved to Russia, and were accepted to the Moscow Russian Ballet Academy, but due to unexpected life issues did not start her education there. As a passionate dancer she continued her dance career in several Dance companies and projects, in Russia and Internationally. She was participating in different dance projects and also worked as a choreographer at Figure Skating State School of Samara, Russian Federation. Then in 2005 she was invited as a dance instructor to the newly formed Fitness Center where she was a lead instructor in Dance and Aqua Aerobic. At the same time Anastasia were also full time student at University and graduated as Bachelor in Social Science.

In February 2009 she became a mother. Anastasia’s passion to dance were transferred to her daughter and under Anastasia’s supervision her daughter became a student in Irina Makkai Ballet School and also is former student of Joffrey Ballet School, Chicago. Anastasia’a daughter was passed audition three years in a row to Nutcracker Ballet performed by Irina Makkai Ballet School. This child is already a creative dancer at her age. in June 2009 Anastasia moved to Chicago, IL.

She continued to practice along with other tasks she were needed to do as a new US resident. In 2015, she were introduced to Pilates Effective Movement Technic in Equinox Sport Club, Chicago. It only took one class to become intrigued and after the first month, she loved the way her body felt and moved differently. It soon became Anastasia’s primary source of exercise and movement. After one year as a regular client, she began her Equinox Teacher Training program, in Mat and Reformer, discovering how challenging mat Pilates truly is!

Also, in 2017 Anastasia has been completed “Beauty and healthy spine” training in Russia, and based on that knowledge developed her specialty class “Beauty Core” Anastasia loves to see clients recognize the movement of their bodies in space, discover how capable they truly are, and be part of the experience that challenges both their bodies and minds. She feels one of the most amazing things is seeing the smile of satisfaction on a client, while helping to guide them through their journey of movement, form, and strength.

Anastasia is PMA member and still learning new technics and methods.

Sifu Guerman Atanassov

Yang Family Tai Chi, Wing Tsun Instructor

Sifu Guerman began his journey in studying Martial Arts and Eastern philosophies in 1982 with Judo in his home town Plovdiv, Bulgaria. During next 8 years he had participated in numerous competitions not only in Bulgaria but in Riga, Latvia (former USSR) where he studied for Aerospace Engineering degree.

During his stay in Latvia he had also training in Karate and attended Wu-Shu classes, school Choi.After he returned back home in Plovdiv in 1994 he signed in newly opened Tai Chi school “White Dragon” led by Sifu Stanislav Bagalev. That is how his study of Tai Chi has begun.

Through the years he have practiced and studied simplified 24 position form, 103 Hand Form, simplified Sword Form and Push Hands. In 1997 he won first place in Bulgarian National Wu-Shu competition in 103 Hand Form and simplified Sword Form Yang Style.

In 1997 he became the instructor of Tai Chi in the same school in Plovdiv. Together with school students he did many public demonstrations, including TV programs where we were presenting Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese martial art.In 1999 Sifu Guerman and his family moved to Chicago, USA.

Here he continues to search for further study and development in art of Tai Chi. In 2001 together with his students Aaron and Valeri he participated for the first time in Tai Chi seminar with Master Yang Jun, 5th Generation Yang Family Tai Chi. The seminar was held in Troy, Michigan. There Sifu Guerman had great chance to personally meet Yang Jun Laoshi and every year since then he has been attending his seminars and has been flying to Seattle for private sessions with him.

In 2002 Sifu Guerman became a member of International Yang Family Tai Chi Association and he has begun to teach and spread Yang Family Tai Chi in Chicago Metro area by organizing classes, monthly courses and seminars.In 2012 after successfully passing special exam Sifu Guerman was awarded 4 Rang – “Golden Tiger” and in 2013 he was approved for Director of Authorized Affiliated School within International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. In 2006, together with his first teacher Stanislav Bagalev, Sifu Guerman founded Bulgarian Yang Tai Chi Chuan Association with the idea to bring together everyone who practices Yang Family Style Tai Chi.

Since than he has been conducting Tai Chi seminars every year in Bulgaria helping the promotion and popularization of the style there.Along with Tai Chi Sifu Guerman teaches and practices Leung Ting Wing Tsun. His journey in Wing Tsun has begun in 1998 after an amazing presentation and demonstration by Grand Master Keith Kernshpeht, leader of European Wing Tsun Organiztion and his instructor’s team in Plovdiv, Bulgaria when he signed in the Sifu Stanisalv Bagalev’s School in the town.

After he moved to Chicago in 2000 he joined North American Organization – IWTA-NAS and continue his study of Wing Tsun in Wheeling, IL under Master Mike Adams.In 2006 Sifu Guerman has become certified Wing Tsun instructor after successfully passing the test for Primary Level Technician.

In 2008 he officially obtained the title Sifu in Wing Tsun and currently he is Third Level Technician and teaches in his schools in Chicago area suburbs, Wheeling, Des Plaines and Glenview.